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Tips & Tricks

This is a book for Tips & Tricks regarding technology at Fruitport Community Schools.

1. Projector Tips

1.1. Duplicating the PC Screen on the Projector

Duplicating the PC Screen on the Projector

If you find that the PC screen is not duplicating on the projector screen, you can easily fix that by following the steps below:

1. Hold down the "Windows" button on the keyboard (Lower left corner)

2. Press the "P" Key, a window with four boxes will show up, each time you press the "P" button it moves to the next choice, stop on the one you wish to use and hit "Enter".

3. This is what each box does:

  • Computer Only - This will just display the computer screen only.
  • Duplicate - This will duplicate what is on your computer with the projector.
  • Extend - This will extend the screen to make one large screen.
  • Projector Only - This will show what is on the PC screen ¬†only on the projector

1.2. Reset Atlona

There is a secret screen that you can get to on the touch panel to reset the Atlona.

  1. Press the power off button (do not confirm)

  2. Press the gear in the very top right corner of the screen

  1. On the right hand there are buttons to power off and on the Atlona

  2. Press the off button for the Atlona

  3. Wait 5 seconds

  4. Press the power on button for the Atlona

  5. Wait 15 seconds and see if the issues is resolved.  If so press the home button.  If not repeat steps 4-6 again.  Sometimes it does take twice to fix the issue